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DG Studio | Commission Open

Please do not ask me directly for the price, a rough price list can be seen on the web page

Because we do not know your specific requirements we can not directly tell you the final price

We need to know the specific content of your painting before we can quote, please also specify

the artist you need to commission, whether you need art, rig, or both




HOW to Commission?




describtion is only for reference. For more details, you can watch our video clip or download our free Live2d model for trial.

NORMAL Quality

HIGH Quality

Commissioning Regulations

Scheduling of Pre-Ordered Orders
Upon confirmation of the pre-ordered commission, a 10% deposit is required. If the order is cancelled due to reasons other than our fault, the deposit will not be refunded.

Number of Edits
It is prohibited to request modifications after the artwork has been completed and confirmed.
Sketches can be modified up to 10 times, line drawings can be slightly modified up to 3 times (may not need modifications), coloring can be slightly modified up to 3 times.

If you think our modification can’t satisfy you, that won’t reduce any available times. If exceeding these limits, additional modification fees will be charged. If there are changes in the design requirements midway, extra modification fees may be charged based on the situation.

The request to make all amendments at once counts as one revision. If the artist hasn’t made the desired changes well enough and requires additional modifications, this does not count towards the revision count. For example:
1. Customer: “I want to change the hair to dark blue! Also, the eyes need to be green.”
2. Customer: “This dark blue is not deep enough, can it be deeper?” The above two cases are both counted as consuming one revision.

If the customer proposes a new amendment after the artist has made changes, then the new amendment will be counted as a separate revision. For example:
1. Customer: “I want to change the eyes to green.”
2. Customer: “The eyes are fine now, can the hair be changed to dark blue?”
3. Customer: “The hair is okay now, can the mouth be changed to a smile?” The above conversation counts as three revisions in total.

Each revision beyond the free limit requires the customer to pay an additional revision fee, depending on the situation.


You can make one free modification after watching the model display video.
After receiving the files, you can make two free modifications, the first of which has unlimited modifications.
If the modification is required due to issues with the drawing, each adjustment will incur an additional modification fee (please refer to the explanation below).

Note on Modeling Commission:
We are responsible for the illustration and will send it to you for checking. Once confirmed, we will begin modeling. If there are any issues with the illustration after modeling is completed that are caused by our illustration, part of the modification fee due to this issue may be waived.
If you provide your own illustration, we can identify “serious” segmentation issues (for example, we can check if “the eyes are not separated”, but we can’t judge if “the hair pattern at the back is not good looking”). However, if you are a perfectionist, we recommend that you check the illustration yourself first to see if there is any color out of bounds. If the modeling needs to be reworked due to problems with the illustration itself, additional modification fees will be required.

After the modeling is completed, we will send a model preview video. Upon confirmation of receipt, we will send a segmented PSD file and a model file that can be imported into live broadcast software. We deliver using a cloud storage link (or email). If there are any problems during the debugging process, you can enter the after-sales group to contact the modeler for modifications (free of charge for up to 3 times). If you are accustomed to nitpicking on details (like pixel-level flaws) and prefer to propose modifications bit by bit rather than providing centralized feedback, please let us know in advance, as we may not be able to accept your order.
Cancellation: No refund will be given for completed parts, but a full refund can be given for unfinished parts excluding the deposit.

The quoted price for virtual anchor related services by default can be used for commercial purposes, live broadcasting, and any peripheral products can be customized for this image. We only retain the right to display and credit. If the work cannot be used by us for promotional display, a copyright buyout fee of 1.5~2 times the total payment is required.

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